Sunday, April 19, 2009

Packing/Moving 101

Even after an unmentionable amount of moves in my life, I am *NOT* a perfect packer/mover. Inevitably, at the end of the move, I too, am grabbing ANYTHING to fill up a box. In the end, when I'm tired, sick of all the boxes, sick of all the sorting I throw things in the box with the thinking "I'll deal with it when I get there".... those boxes are usually still FULLY sealed by the time the next move is underway. Why have we moved so much? It's often a reason of needing to find something cheaper, or something bigger...DH was a builder so then it was different reasons, but moving all the same. We often stayed in the same area, but still a move is a move! My first bit of advice - if you're moving, pack well. I don't care if you're moving 5 blocks away - pack well. It's in those "close" moves that everything gets broken. Seriously, you think it's no problem, only down the street, I can carry this teetering stack of dishes on my lap while I drive, can't I?! You get the point. :)

I've been an off and on flybaby. It's an amazing program, and although life has been beyond chaotic and I haven't been true to her "system", I still find myself in the habit of doing many of her methods. If you haven't heard of this, check it out HERE. I tried to search out her moving tips because I know they're on there somewhere, but I see she's added a ton of stuff. Even stuff for kids that I will FOR SURE be checking out!!

So Kim wanted me to blog a few tips & tricks of moving. :) So Kim, here you go, just for you....

If you think you're going to be moving in the near future, the first thing I would start with is decluttering. This is tough for some of us. Ask yourself the tough questions: Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I use it? Do I have TWO of these? {it's crazy how many times you'll say yes to that one!} If you answer no, to any one of these questions, then (A) Toss it or (B) Give it away. And if you go with B, then you need a box or bag ON THE GO, that once it is filled... you put INTO YOUR CAR AND DRIVE IT TO GOOD WILL! Get it OUT of your house. It's too easy to slip in there & grab it back out! Go room by room. A flylady tip - work in 15 minute increments. You can do anything for 15 minutes! Seriously, if it's a really tough task I will use a timer! Start with a closet, or a shelf in the closet.... break it down to sizes you can honestly work with. Don't pull EVERYTHING out and think you can get it all sorted & back in place in 15 minutes. You won't, and you'll just be frustrated with the mess you have now created! Next is to start packing the items you use the least or items you won't need in the next few months {think good china, some of your books, kids' toys, seasonal decorations & clothes....get all that winter stuff packed up now, that sort of thing}. Also, start hunting for boxes. I've had great luck at our local Extra Foods (bakery section), but I also found some amazing boxes, even wardrobe boxes off kijiji which is an online used/classified site. I know there's also craigslist and used nanaimo (specifically for you Kim). I found like-new moving boxes for free. Love that. So keep your eyes open because you always run out of boxes and it's nice in the middle of packing not to be stopping only to be searching for boxes! I find the kitchen is my last place to fully pack as I'm still needing to cook & prepare until the actual moving day. I still however can pack up a lot in there and I simply limit myself to what is left. You can pack up small appliances and things like that. Just be sure in those final weeks to plan a menu. OK, that's just a tip for everyone regardless of whether or not your moving, but that way you're not going to pack your 9x13 pan only to realize you need it and go through boxes to open & hunt for it. Very frustrating (and yes, it's happened 3 times already in this move that is taking weeks and weeks). If your kids are old enough, give them a box and have them pack up there room. Give them packing paper (no newspaper!!) and tell them if it's something really special and breakable to wrap it up well. No packing paper? use what you'll be packing anyway - towels, sheets, blankets....

Take breaks. Right now we have about 10 days before we leave. As I look around sheer panic runs through my body as I wonder HOW ON EARTH this will happen with hubby working the WHOLE time. What I find difficult is motivation, so if you have a friend or family member that's willing to come along side, it makes ALL the difference. If for nothing else, but to have someone to chat with and keep you on task. But when you're feeling cranky {or is that only me?!} stop & give yourself a break. Hopefully, you'll have more than 10 days! :)


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