Thursday, April 02, 2009

Still sick.

Well the week is drawing to a close & I didn't seem to find the energy to get a stamping day in - very disappointing. This cold is a nasty one & I can't seem to beat it. So, I'll share with you a couple layouts I found online that I liked! Then I got to thinking... is this allowed? Or I guess allowed... but "proper"? I'll be sure to give credit & links to the creators, but I just got to thinking....hmmmm....drop me a line on your thoughts.

K, first one is from Jennifer McGuire. Click *HERE* for all the deets!

I love how she used her ribbons here. I also like the overflow of everything off the page - just different. Then I wondered if her base page was a bit *smaller* than 12x12 so that it would fit in a page protector - what do you think? Yes?
The second is this card....from the blog - PINE IS HERE...great full tutorial check it out!

I thought it was so cute with the stamping behind & the use of buttons. Cute, cute, cute. So no creations from me, but a couple that did inspire me :)!

Have a fabulous weekend -



Quilt Nut said...

love that page. it is fabulous. and those cards are super cute! i've had fun wandering around both of their blogs.

hope you are all feeling better soon!

Marie said...

I'm not sure if that's allowed or not. I've often wondered myself...
I think that as a curtesy you might want to email them and get their permission to post on your blog. I would be thrilled if someone wanted to "feature" my work with a link to my blog - but that's just me! Unless of course they wanted it for a "what not to do" post! LOL!
I hope you are feeling better soon!

Cindy said...

these cards are so pretty! I love the buttons on them... very cute!