Monday, July 12, 2010

A Baby Pause.

I'm sure you're going to feel a little overloaded on baby cards over the next while, so I'm trying to pop in a NON-Baby card now & then :)
I got my inspiration for this card HERE at Paper Hugs. As soon as I saw the card I went downstairs and began punching out circles. How's that for inspiration! *smiles*
I just thought it was so cute & simple! Mine seemed to be missing something (I think it might be the natural white cardstock.... too plain??) so I did some paper piercing along the outer edge to give it a bit of a frame. I think that helped.
We had our first week back at school and it went well. I was a bit scatter brained as I try to wrap my baby-brain around new curriculum and teach grade 4, 6, and 9 all together -- it got challenging when everyone needed me at the same time (hmmm? Thought I scheduled that better). I'm sure after a couple of weeks we'll be in the swing of things. Kids had fun doing experiments and *finally* having art this year :)
I'm starting to work on my baby announcement cards -- a few ideas floating around in my head....
Hope you had a blessed Monday!

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