Sunday, July 04, 2010

A day of Stamping

First off, Happy 4th to my American friends :) I hope you enjoyed a fantastic day of celebration with family/friends. We enjoyed our Canada Day on Thursday, took in the parade & the kids had a bunch of friends over to play (Daddy had to work ☹). Of course we're thankful he has steady work, so I try hard not to complain. Work is a good thing!
Secondly.... I declared today STAMP DAY! Not a national holiday, but in our little abode, it may as well been :) After church, the kids were fed and I spent the afternoon in my stamping nook, pumping out some cards - woohoo (I'll have some steady posts for you to share with you what I created!) Although I'm exhausted and my back is aching, it felt so good to press my big 'ol belly against the table & get inky!
As promised yesterday, this is the card my daughter helped with yesterday. She was bored, so I told her to stamp a duck for me and make him fuzzy with some fun flock. We tried doing this with a glue pen, but I think next time I'll try the heat & stick powder as the fun flock didn't seem to stick super well. I'm thinking if I try to add glue to it now I might just make a big mess... what do you think?
After we cut it out, she moved on to something else... lol. So I ran some cardstock through the Swiss Dots cuttlebug folder, used some SU punches and added a little strip of bling on the bottom. Nice & simple.... cute though. A little tweaking with that fuzz.....
Well, we start school tomorrow - DAY ONE.
I'm looking forward to getting into it to see how well I did with my scheduling - too much time, too little... hopefully my energy levels will keep up with all my monkeys!!
Enjoy the last bit of your weekend!

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cedargirl said...

Adorable card! Good to know about the glue pen. I had tried the glue pad and was not impressed with it either. Let us know when you find something that works well. I am thinking of using my goto embellishment glue (Alene's craft glue in the gold bottle) for fine glitters and flocking. So happy for you to get back at your desk! Happy school day!