Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Countdown...

Did you know there is *ONLY* 5-1/2 more weeks until Christmas -- FIVE shopping weekends left?! YIKES. I spent last night stamping a few Christmas card ideas (I'll post them over the next few days and you can tell me which one to go with :)!) I might do a few different designs this year. I usually pick ONE and go with it for the whole list. Think I might mix it up a bit this year :)

Winter is definitely here with our storms, rain, wind & CHILL in the air. I know it's funny to hear us in BC complain about the cold when in AB they already have snow, but as we all whine "it's a *different* kind of cold" here! LOL. It's damp and freezes you to your bone! UGH. I do miss the Alberta winter with the fluffy snow (and not mucky slush we get!) and bright blue sky! So pretty.

Anyway, here's a card I'm not too happy with. Just didn't come together for me. Blek. Thought I'd share anyway. LOL. I should have walked away. When I'm stuck on a card I typically put it aside and come back to it and seem to be able to work on it with fresh eyes.... not this time! LOL. Still a cute stamp though :)

I think it's the hoofs that are SCREAMING.... we're NOT suppose to be YELLOW! BWAHAHHA.....
...have a happy day!

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