Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello Tuesday.

I love the "work-week" starting on Tuesday! Just makes me happy to think we're almost mid-week again, weekend is approaching, Daddy is home in THREE sleeps and all will be wonderful in the world again. How's that for optimism? I've been trying to run my 10K 2-3 times a week so had a great week last week & got in a good run this morning. Wasn't too sure if I was going to run this morning... had the "I don't waaaannnna ruuuun...." whine going on today. But, after my first set I was feelin' good. Love that.
It's almost time for me (OK, honestly, I'm behind!) to get going on my Christmas cards. Need to make my list & figure out how many I need. Don't think I'm going to do as many this year... we'll see. I always say that & then I'm doing my stacks again. HOWEVER - I will NOT use THICK ribbon. Sheesh. Last year I remember all my cards were too thick so I had to pay $1 each -- OUCH! So keep that in mind if you mail out a lot of holiday cards.
Here's another PennyBlack card to show you :) I'm getting my birthday card box for kids LOADED UP so I'm not scrambling. I used the corner rounder punch on this card. I don't often pull that one out, but thought I'd give it a try :)

Have a happy day. I think we might even get sunshine today :)

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Amy Mowbray said...

Congrats on the run. I don't like to exercise. I really hate it and I think it should be illegal!

Cute card!!