Saturday, November 24, 2007

A family Adventure

We took the kids on a hike to one of our favorite spots.... Westwood Ridge. I was impressed with HOW WELL they did. It's a fabulous lookout point part way up the mountain behind us here in Nanaimo. They were so excited to climb up those steep slopes, find cool mushrooms, watch a waterfall & be together on an adventure.

There's a ton of mountain biking in the mountains & it was insane some of the jumps we came upon! We kept wondering if people actually had the guts to go off these jumps.

Kids had fun at the waterfall. It was amazing to hear it as we got closer & closer.

Climbing up, up, up.... the kids loved the really steep parts.

The island has some incredible vegetation! One is the Arbutus Tree (it sheds it's papery bark & is SO SMOOTH!). We found a huge one on our adventure.

Making it all the way to the top!

I hope you find some time this weekend to smell the flowers,find a path in the woods or a trail in the park & enjoy life :)