Monday, November 12, 2007

The ending of a long weekend....

Final few hours of the long weekend, and quite frankly I'm exhausted. Single-parenthood is one of the most difficult things I tell ya. But we're on the downhill slope of the countdown to Daddy being home -- only four more sleeps!!! We've had really stormy weather, so I'm really hoping our power stays strong. My Mom & her hubby JUST got back from Mexico (loved hearing her stories of sunshine & beaches!!) I thought I'd make them a welcome home card :) Love this stamp -- too cute!

Enjoy your week!


Marie said...

What a cute card - I LOVE this "bikini" cow! I'm sure your mom and hubby will like it too! How sweet of you to make them a card to lessen the blow of leaving Mexico and having to return to THIS!!
I hope your power stayed on - ours did - but the wind knocked down some trees so there's a bit of cleanup to be done today!

Quilt Nut said...

too cute!