Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday mornings. Kids are watching morning TV (they aren't allowed on school days so the weekend is a treat for them!), I made some yummy muffins with my youngest (a child who doesn't like TV... strange! LOL) and soon we'll be getting ready for church. I'm in the nursery this morning, so hopefully there's babies in there so I can get my baby fix -- don't you just love babies?! (K, well not ENOUGH to have ANOTHER ONE! LOL) I thought I'd share with you a couple of cards from the e-swap I was involved in with Marie :) What fun.

I did some coloring the other night so I have a number of images that are looking to be placed on a card somehow *smiles*. My Mom & her hubby are in Mexico so I made them a welcome home card... love them cows. I'll try to share that one with you tomorrow (need to take a pic of it).
Enjoy your Sunday... hug your loved ones tight as we remember this special day, and all those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.