Thursday, January 17, 2008


I was blessed after coming home from holidays with this beauty in my mailbox created by Melinda. Isn't it great! It's still sitting on my shelf. :) Melinda is such a wonderful woman. I met her up North Island very soon after I moved there and I still remember coming home & telling my hubby about this amazing woman that I met that just seemed to touch everyone she came across. She's one of those women that can do everything. Seriously. She was a Kindergarten teacher and she made scrapbooks for the children to take home at the end of the year -- YES FOR EACH AND EVERY CHILD! Like I said ... amazing! Even after I've moved away, she still thinks of me. Gives me warm fuzzies!! Thanks Melinda. LOVE the clear snowflake!!

Friday's are going to be my *SPECIAL* days. For the next while I will be posting sales & giveaways! Everyone LOVES free goodies. Tomorrow will be the start, and of course will start with a freebie :) So come have a peek tomorrow as I bless you :)

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Sue Rapin said...

I just love this card! It is right up my creative alley - a smile being the reward.

Currently, I am working on a monthly card exchange with Hilltop Stampers in Logan Lake, B.C.