Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm a procrastinator. I have great intentions, but don't always follow through. Now this occurs in a number of ways... I can walk by a pile of clean laundry and WISH it was folded and hope to come back and folded right away -- then a few days later I still SEE it in the basket! Argh. I'm hoping this year to conquer this. To see something that needs to be done, and simply take the 15 minutes and do it WHEN I SEE IT instead of side-stepping over it thinking I'll get to it later. This is one of the reasons I re-joined flylady -- having someone remind me throughout the day to stay-on-task is something I find useful. Being a stay-at-home mom can be a challenge as there's so many things to do it's overwhelming some days and for me, in those moments, nothing seems to get done at all. Writing thank-you cards is another one for me. I have great intentions, but then time passes & I think it's "too late" to get the card mailed out. Christmas has just ended, so my challenge for you is -- do you have any thank-you cards you need to send out? As you look back on the celebrations & season, does anyone stand out to you that touched you in some special way? Maybe a relative had the whole gang over this year and gave you a break, or someone out of the blue sent you an unexpected gift.... I bet you could touch them by a note of thanks. This is a card I made for my dad. I was nervous to drive up to my family's Christmas without hubby on those nasty roads and my Dad drove ahead of me so I wouldn't be alone. I kept the card simple. I did add some microbeads to the words (tried to get a close up shot of it but it didn't come through too well). I also have another card to mail out to my Mom's tenant. She was away and let my family stay in her suite which was so wonderful. Something she didn't have to do, so I thought a note of thanks in her mailbox was appropriate :). I hope to have a few finished up today to mail out (that's when having cards on hand is handy!!). Go for it - don't procrastinate -- give a card of thanks to someone(s) :) today!

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Anonymous said...

hey you.., I too have completed the thank you's --now just to get them in the mail... it really is a long process.......... just wanted let you know I keep up on your blog -- I feel like I talk to you on regular basis.... sounds like you had a Christmas extravaganza........ the blocks are cute
hey you know alli miles? I love her blog!
Happy New Year