Thursday, January 24, 2008


Still not much sleep happening here as my youngest had a fever of 104 all night long... and being paranoid I had to get up and check on her every hour until finally I put her in my bed -- very long night. My eyelids are cooperating thus far though and staying open. :) I'm hoping to share a scrapbook page with you each week -- but time will tell -- those best intentions again! LOL. This is my youngest's soccer team photo. She really doesn't like soccer & we thought we'd let her quit (just wasn't worth the agony it was apparently causing her)... but after what we thought was her final game, she told us she wanted to finish out the season for her team -- I was so proud of her! :) They are the Dolphins! :)

I painted the chipboard pieces. Now I have a tip, but often I share a tip and everyone is like DUH, you didn't know that! LOL... so here it goes: As I was painting these small letters with my acrylic paints they were sliding all over the place. So I put a piece of double sided tape on my scrap paper and stuck the letters on there to hold them in place which made painting them SO MUCH easier! So maybe you knew that, but I figured it out all by myself and I thought it was a great idea :))))). I then used a outline marker to put stripes on the letters to mimic the stripes in the design paper. Put a dent in my buttons (finally) and yes, I did actually stitch them on there :) A few things I'm not totally happy with, but overall it's ok.... I need to get some photos OUT OF MY COMPUTER and into hard copy to inspire me to get scrappin' more! :)
Weekend is nearly here!!

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