Sunday, January 13, 2008


I actually got into my scrappin' mode last night.... yeah! I have a few pages started -- all spread out. My space is always a mess!! Then I'm left working in this tiny little space on the table.... even if I try to "clean-as-I-go" (who wants to do that!) I still end up crammed with all my goodies creeping into my shrinking space. I tried 8x8 for the first time and I love it for single photos (might even have a page to share with you tomorrow!) Still needing some touches and my creative juices emptied out last night so I had to walk away and now I'm trying to put it together today. My youngest (6) is stamping too which usually involves much glue, glitter & ink. :) We'll see if I'm able to get back to my layout or not. :) I bought a gadget awhile back and I finally pulled it out yesterday -- yeehawwww~it's fantastic. If you're like me (and most paper crafters I know) you're addicted to ribbon. You've got snippets and rolls of it spilling out of drawers, on your table and in most nook&crannies in your stamping space. SO.. when you want to USE a piece, it's wrinkled & crinkled. I don't iron. Honestly. Drives my friends insane when I iron a shirt for hubby... if he has a jacket to go with it, I simply iron the front/collar! Poor guy has to deal with the heat as I DO NOT want him to take it off and show the world the back of it is WRINKLE CITY! :) So... to pull out my iron to straighten a piece of ribbon.... not gonna happen. I'll use extra glue dots and pull and hope it'll lie flat. Until.... I found this goodie!

A RIBBON IRON! You just plug 'er in. Heat 'er up. and pull your ribbon through (think hair straightener - in fact, I bet that would work!!). It was fabulous to find my curled up ribbon, pull it through and have a perfectly flat piece of ribbon.
*sigh*.... I love gadgets.

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