Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Brown Christmas.

Living in BC, we've had our share of brown Christmas'. Oh the excitement when those flakes start to float from the sky! Kids would be hootin' & hollerin'.... radios are all on because school MUST be cancelled... there's white in the sky!! And... they were usually right. The island was not used to large amounts of snow (ok, not much at all!) so often snow meant no school. We loved getting snow in December & would cross our fingers it would last for a white Christmas. Now that we have made our move to Fort McMurray, it's a WHOLE new story. I went out and bought boots today for the kids & had to make sure they were good for 30 below -- BRRR!! No more inserts in the 'ol rubber boots I guess! HA. I'm very afraid!! So the brown Christmas card won't really work for us here in Fort Mac, but, it could've worked last year! :)
Some details on this one -- a little paper piercing at the top, I ran the bottom piece through the cuttlebug, tore (can't see it very well with the ribbon there), and then dragged a sponge dipped in close to cocoa ink across the top. Some wine organdy ribbon with copper cord around the front and some layered punches for a little dimensional :)
Dare I say Merry Christmas? Next time you're getting groceries... tuck in a few stocking stuffers & get started (chapsticks, lotions, yummy hair products, fancy coffee.....)
hope your day is going fabulously!

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Quilt Nut said...

this is fabulous! love the colors