Friday, November 14, 2008

A collection of tips.

Often if I have a quiet morning (which occassionally happens) I sit with my morning coffee and check out blogs. I love finding tips, sketches & ideas! Well... this week I found a couple of great tips/ideas that I thought I would share with you!
One was SHARPENING your PUNCHES! Do you find that your punches are getting dull? After you punch something you see a torn or tattered edge... no longer that smooth, crisp finish? Have you heard the latest.... goodbye sandpaper... hello popcan?
Check out Linda's blog for a video tutorial... I think I just might have to try this one!

I have been struggling with the Crop-o-dile. I admit it, I was challenged. Of course now I just figured out I was doing it BACKWARDS! Ack. Where has my brain gone?! Then on top if it I was always curious as to what settings to use... well. Marie Kirkwood had a great idea, check her blog out here:
The last one I wanted to share with you is a repeat... I've shown you this one before, but it's a great collection of scrapbooking sketches from Elsie -- who is such a fun scrapper!!
A few friday tips... enjoy your weekend!

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Marie said...

Thanks for linking to my tip and sharing the others! But you had me going there...I had to look up the proper name of the tool because we're calling it differently!! I guess it depends on what area of the country you're from and your accent??