Monday, November 03, 2008

Monday Madness

The start of a new week. This is the day when I 'bless my house'. Any other FLYladies out there?! Go room by room & tidy... dust.. and try in 15 minutes to get it looking good. A "room rescue!" The rush of the season will soon be upon us, but I'm *really* trying hard to slow down the pace & enjoy the process, enjoy the journey.... enjoy life. Even when it comes to cards, everyone loves those QUICK cards when you're in a rush. They've even come out with books and magazines called Take Ten, where all the cards featured should only take you 10 minutes. SWEET! I think I've got 'em beat though. How about a two minute card?! Ok, maybe 3 -- but FOUR cards in 10 MINUTES! Yes, they're simple, but I think they make a cute little set! I simply stamped on white cardstock (SU's whisper white), then took my Copic maker and colored all the stems, then a few bits of color on each flower head - done!

It's monday -- thought I'd feature something simple to start the week with :)

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Leanne said...

So simple but so pretty! Great cards.