Monday, November 17, 2008

We started

Well, we actually got started yesterday on our 'December Journal 2008'. I gathered all the Christmas stuff I had as my goal is to buy NOTHING for this project. It'll be interesting to see what we come up with. The younger two wanted to help cut and select paper -- our combinations will be interesting! :) I'm trying really hard to use what I have and stop buying for awhile -- OK, yes I ordered some more stamps... a couple times (hanging head).. BUT... that was stamps -- that's different, right?! LOL. This is the beginnings of our title page. Kids found these red chipboard stickers (thank you Marie!!). I won these from some of Marie's blog candy! yeah!! So they wanted to make a title page with them. I'm really trying to step back on this project and let the kids do a lot of the creating. I want it to hold all our December memories, but I also want to make memories through the experience. My son was STUCK on this strange blue paper, we {the girls} were thinking it was NOT "Christmasy".. but, I had to remind myself {and them} that it was a joint project & Joshua is allowed to select papers as well.. so in they went! :)
After the papers were strewn all over the table, cutting was done, the younger two wandered off for a bit. Megan & I were ready to dive in! We carefully selected which paper we wanted to represent which day. I have NEVER done a scrapbook like this before: {A} without photos and {B} so carefree... and I love it! :) We wanted to include all kinds of papers, envelopes and start by numbering each page. I think we got to page six today -- not bad! I think she did great... here's her start.

The "cover" is just chipboard (cardboard!) that is cut 8.5" square. I'm working at covering that. All the inside pages vary.... I didn't have as many *cool* papers as Ali does over on her blog, but we were creative & worked with what we had on hand. We cut some papers 6x8.5... others an even square, we used a 6" square vellum envelope, a 6x6 scrapbook insert, assorted design papers cut in different widths & heights and even cut up a baseball card file keeper. I'm excited to see it all come together. I love it that it doesn't have to be perfect. So I'm writing in my daytimer to pull out the photo printer and get it SET UP (yes... it's still packed with more boxes than I will ever admit!!) the week before December. We'll be printing our photos often!! If you're going to play along and work on a book, please post a link in the comments -- I'd love to see your progression as well.

Merry Christmas!


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