Monday, November 10, 2008

Quiet week.

Kids have a couple "extra" days off of school this week. We awoke to a winter wonderland here today. Everything is covered with a fresh blanket of white snow. I guess winter has officially arrived. I have *finally* figured out my Christmas card, no this isn't it :) I did however use this image -- love these guys! When I look at this I can't help but think of the caption:
Nose Envy?
LOL - too funny. I haven't been stamping anything new (although some new goodies arrived in the mail and I REALLY want to play with them), I've been busy coloring all these images for my Christmas cards. So some good craft time.... just nothing much new. I am going through all my stamping stuff again -- sorting, purging, organizing... IF you have facebook (it seems to be working for some people without facebook??) here's a link to an album with all my sale items:
If you do not have facebook (still give it a try) but, I will try to upload another way for you to view them -- a little stumped on that at the moment, but I'll get 'er figured out here eventually :) Enjoy your day.

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