Sunday, December 14, 2008

...and the laundry continues.

The stomach flu has hit our house (again)... seems like it was just a month or so ago we were doing this. Ugh. So.... I wish the reason for my lack of posts was due to great adventures & Christmas cheer... and although there has been some, it has been slightly tainted with sick little ones. I printed off a bunch of photos to scrap the night away tonight & get all "caught up" on my journal, but.... my little one has gotten sick tonight, so that will have to wait for another day. I am finishing up the teacher gifts tonight so the kids can take the to school tomorrow. I guess the youngest will be home with me tomorrow. So.. I will take a photo of those before they leave & try to post that sometime tomorrow.

Stay tuned & let me know what holiday adventures you're up to!


When they were feeling well... only a week ago! :) hopefully it'll be over soon & we'll be back in full swing!

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kellycats said...

We just got over the stomach flu (again) as well. We just had it in Sept. The only thing is my kids get it and then Jason and I get it too. Grrr...I want to have no sickness for at least 1 year now! Is that too much to ask?

Hope you are all feeling better really soon. Merry Christmas.