Monday, December 01, 2008

December First.

December has arrived!!! YEAH!!!! I love this month -- all the festivities, the preparations & most of all, all the excitement. I love the build up & my kids being giggly & silly with anticipation!! Nearly a week since I last posted- not typically me, but when life gets hairy, the first thing to go {usually} is my blog postings!! It was 3 soccer games, one hockey game, school projects, homework, putting up outdoor lights, setting up the tree, wrapping gifts, out for dinner.... no wonder I'm tired!! This month for me is all about family. So, I may not be posting every single day, but I hope it inspires you to make this month special for you & yours.
Today will be day one in my December journal with the kids... will have to take a photo. It will probably be about the start of Christmas baking. It's chocolate almond biscotti today -- house is smelling delicious! Check out 'recipes' in my side bar links for the recipe! It's so yummy to dunk in coffee, tea or hot cocoa! Mmmmmm.
Here's another card that will be used as a thank-you this holiday season. It has orange in it, so it'll be one Sarah will use. I never thought of putting orange & red together, but orange is her fav. color & red is festive, so I thought I'd give it a try :)
Merry Christmas!

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