Wednesday, December 03, 2008

December's Journal - Title page

I picked up some 2.5" binder rings at Staples the other day so I could start our journal. I had 1" rings, but the "book" just wouldn't open up easily. I think I'll let the kids select some ribbons to tie on & dress up the binder rings!!
While we decorated or tree on Friday and as I was snapping photos, I took this one & fell in love with the simplicity of a single glittery ornament and Sarah's little hands holding it carefully. I decided to use this one as our title page photo for the journal. I got down the photo printer (I use the Canon MP600) and spent this morning printing off some photos -- makes me wonder why I don't do this more often! :)

So I wanted to keep the title page simple -- this whole project for me is simplicity. Recording the memories & keeping it simple (so I stick with it!!). So here is the title page: (I was lazy and grabbed my little Samsung point & shoot, pocket camera so the pic isn't great).

I used red chipboard sticker letters for 'December' and the '08'. I printed off the photo in a large format, but didn't like the quality so I used that as my layer (couldn't throw it out!) and then printed it again a bit smaller to have the detail. I went to my button stash that my girls color sorted for me (how fabulous was that -- needed green & red and there they were! love that!) and then had a few metal embellishments (snowflake after December and a little tree amongst the buttons). Onto Day one...


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