Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 5 on Day 16

Hmmm.... a little behind I am! I took the day off, declared it a ME DAY! Ha. Feels wonderful (although I know mad panic will set in when the kids come home from school, Megan is racing to get ready for her banquet and Joshua soccer & I've done nothing to prepare for these things) -- however, I shall block those panic-attack causing feelings aside -- PUSH 'EM OUTTA THE WAY!!! and enjoy a day of scrapbooking :) I've gotten 5 pages done in my book - impressive! I hope to work on it this evening as well (just need to print off some more photos). SO -- you will see some postings over the next while as I share with you these pages!

Here's day 5. It was an afternoon of play days. My oldest was at a friend's house and Joshua had a friend over and Sarah... finally Sarah... had her special friend come over. Since the move she has not had one play day. When we came home from school, tears were in her eyes as the older two ran off with their buddies and she said "when will I have a friend mommy?" Awwww. So, inside we came, looked in the phone book for her little friend at school, having no idea what mom's name was and gave it a try. Sure enough it was the right number & Phoenix was allowed to come over for lunch & some playtime. I decided to pull out my stamping supplies and you girls had so much fun creating little notebooks! Definitely a day to remember!!

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Yummers! said...

I love stories with happy endings.
I'm so glad she found a friend! And how fun to have a stamping activity to do together.

Love your new layout. I love the way you've used blue in your album... mine is so off-red and olive green. Not happy with the colors. Also like the way you've used eyelets. Looks great!!