Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day One.

Day one. For me, December first was baking day. The start of all the sweet treats to fill my freezer up & share with family and friends. Mmmmm. We have a few things that I *only* make at Christmas times, and some favorites I continue to make to enjoy over the holiday time. With family coming to OUR house for the VERY FIRST time, I'd like to have most of my prep. done before everyone arrives. So for this day I included a photo of chocolate marble scones. I put the recipe on the back & in the "pocket" put the recipe of chocolate almond biscotti. Yes... an error. Day one & an error! Not a good begin. I even wrote biscotti on the title below the photo! SHEESH! So I will be "fixing" that today. I will include the recipe for the scones (just on the other side)... aw well... this little album is for us & I'm sure I'll smile about my brainlessness for years to come :). I also put a photo of Megan's flute as she played Christmas Carols that afternoon while I baked -- lovely.
I think everyone has a hard time with their own printing (except if your Ali Edwards!). I really wanted to FORCE myself to at least have a page or two with my printing, so I thought I'd get it over with on day one :) It really is nice to have the pages done ahead of time and all I need to do is add the photos & a few embellishments.
Has anyone else taken the challenge to do a December journal?

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Kimmer said...

No Dec journal for me...frankly I'd be happy to get a nap in sometime in Dec...however, I have been pondering how I can adapt your idea and make a baby's first year type of journal. Something to mark the milestones of development and special events. Maybe after I start mat leave and before baby comes then I'll put together a skeleton. Let me know if you have any ideas along that vein!