Monday, December 15, 2008

Teacher Christmas Gifts

My whole "theme" this holiday season has been simplicity. Not to overdo in all the hustle & bustle and enjoy the little moments. With just moving here a few months ago, we don't have all the events to go to this year, and in a way that has been nice. I hear people chatting about being out night after night to this or that... and I'm happy to come home to our family & glowing tree to play games & be together. So when it came time to get the teacher's gifts ready I wanted something that (a) the kids could be a part of and (b) didn't take me forever to do. So we came up with one of our favorite holiday treats - Caramel Popcorn! YUM. The kids helped me make it, sampled it to make sure it was taste approved, and asked me to print up the recipe to go with each package. The kids then each had a card to write a note to their teacher. Not just the typical Merry Christmas, but I told them to pick something they've enjoyed in class so far this year & let their teacher know how much they appreciate them. It was so cute to read their cards and see what they wrote to their teacher. Will definitely be a page in my journal. Which you may be wondering WHERE it is... it's coming. Hope to show you some pages soon!

Here's a close up of our 'recipe card'.

'twas the week before Christmas.....



Yummers! said...

I like your idea of Carmel Corn. As a retired teacher I know it will be appreciated. The cards from the kids will be cherished!

I'm behing a day in my album. Add today and I'm 2 days behind. Hate that!! I get anxious! So much to do even though we are having a simple Christmas. I started wrapping presents last night and even though we cut back this year because others wanted to... I still seem to have a lot to wrap.

Edna said...

Have got all my Christmas gifts through Amazon with online discounts.