Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A little Day Two + Day three

Brrr it's been around -25C here ... factor in the windchill and we're hovering around -35! OUCH. Baby it's cold outside! I should be inside stamping to stay warm, but with family coming for Christmas {insert huge cheers & excitement!!!} we're cleaning out the garage & trying to get unpacked & organized. ummm.. yeah, we moved in nearly 3.5months ago.. and still have boxes. *sigh* I am trying to stay up-to-date with my journal though. I've got my photos taken for the next few days, so I need to print those off & get ready to scrapbook a bit on Saturday. Looking forward to that!
So here's day one (backside) where I added the actual scone recipe that was featured in the photo for that day. I posted that recipe a couple days ago - anyone try it yet?! YUM. You can see a hint of day three behind behind day two's 6x6 page.
Here's a closer look:
I'm loving the scrapbook scrappin' kits from Stampin' up! I've had them tucked in my paper stash for so long, but never really pull them out. Well... this project has been perfect for that. Quick sticky elements and borders... lovely! Makes it nice & quick! I also sewed a little tree & button on the corner of the bottom photo. :) It was a quiet day so I snuck in & took photos of the kids reading before bed. Megan was on the computer so... no photo of her :)

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