Wednesday, December 24, 2008

day 12 - Baby it's Cold Outside!

Well we had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. Daddy is off to work now, but thankfully Grandma & Grandpa are still here. We are a little housebound as the car REFUSES to start in this cold weather (and no.. it wasn't plugged in!) so we are having fun playing games, making gingerbread houses, doing crafts and munching on Christmas baking & goodies! The kids FREAKED out about getting the Wii & Rockband so that has been blastin' & rockin' down the house yesterday and today! TOO FUN. And yes... I sometimes let the kids play too! {LOL}.
Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. Every year we do a Christmas Eve hunt where the kids (and adults) get a clue on a slip of paper. That clue leads them to the next clue... which eventually leads them to a gift. Fun little tradition. So we will do that tonight once daddy gets home from work. He works until about 7:30pm (gotta hate 12 hour shifts!!) so the kids are having a little quiet time right now.
I've been jotting down notes & snapping photos, but I'm sure I won't get the last week done in my album until after Grandma & Grandpa go home -- and that's OK. I have a few pages to show you over the next few days.... This was a crazy one! Megan came rushing in & told me to come outside and bring my camera. It was probably around -30 out there and those silly monkeys decided to bury Joshua in the snow (think beach, sun & sand!!) and he was FREEZING by the time I got out there. As soon as he heard the 'click', he was OUTTA of there (and in the house for some hot cocoa!!) :)
'twas the night before Christmas....
Merry Christmas!!

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