Friday, December 05, 2008

The weekend + Family Time (Day Two)

David *finally* has a weekend off - yeaaaah. Kids are thrilled so we will be savoring family time this weekend. I hope to work with the kids on the journal over the weekend & share with you the pages on Monday and try to get 'caught' up so I'm not so behind showing you. I also have a wedding & an engagement card to do so I will have some cards to show you too. Next week is also my week to get some teacher gifts put together so... stay tuned for some projects!
Day Two:
I used a Stampin' Up! 6x6 scrapbook page here (just had to add an extra hole so it sat correctly in the book). Every year I hang up the advent quilt. I made this when Megan (the oldest) was two years old -- so it's been around for many years as she's now 11, nearly 12! It's a scene of a village of houses {25}, all in a snowy day.... each *roof* lifts up creating a pocket and the treat goes inside. Cute eh? It was so fun to make. When Megan was little I just put a little treat in there and then along came Joshua.... so two treats went in. When Sarah came along it was hard to fit 3 treats in some of the smaller houses, so I would put in a little clue on those days and they'd have to go and hunt for their little goodie. They LOVED that. Now every day is a clue for each of them. They are so excited to come home after school & get their little piece of paper that holds the clue for their little treat. My challenge is to come up with 25 clues for each child -- that's 75 hiding places!! LOL. It's so fun though -- when Daddy is home, I even include him on the hunt! I didn't want to crop this photo as it wouldn't fit as nicely on the page. So I added eyelets & snaps on the one side for a bit of visual appeal. Apparently a door-jam isn't that pretty... even in the soft creamy light I captured! *smiles*
What is a family Christmas tradition you have?

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