Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 10, 24 & 25.... completed.

Well, the project is finally done. OK, I still have a little journalling to do, but other than that I'm done. I'm happy with how it turned out (for the most part). I like all the different page sizes, that really helped me get outside my creative box, so that's always a good thing. I'm looking forward to this again next year. I will look throughout the year now for bits & pieces to stick aside for the project. I'll also maybe try using a small album (although I think I'd miss the assorted page sizes....) but I do like the idea of PROTECTIVE SHEETS... we'll see.Below is Day 10. That one I set aside as I wanted Megan to pick out the photos. In the end, she didn't really care so I picked them & just got it done. She is my Polka Dot girl so she specifically chose this background design paper! I hand doodled the "title" on this page as well. On the back I made a little pocket to hold the program for the night and I will also add my journalling & slip it into the pocket as well :)

day 24 (above) the kids did a little talent show. We typically go to the Christmas Eve service, but it didn't work out this year & so we created our own :) The kids each did a little something & even sang us a couple Christmas songs at the end. They always love putting on little talent shows!

Day25. I thought this picture was adorable. I went to the library and got an armload of magazines and they had Scrapbooks Etc. there. So I found this sketch (well, altered it a bit) in there and that was great inspiration to finish up! Check out your local library, it's amazing what they have in there or even what they're willing to bring in for you!

OK - hopefully now I'll have some card creations to show you.... Hope you've enjoyed the {long} process of this December journal.

Enjoy your Monday, and your fresh new week -


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