Thursday, January 15, 2009

Loveable moose!

Trying to always be a month ahead in my card making.... At least that's usually the goal. Doesn't always happen though. I've got a great book I got for Christmas one year (thanks Ang!!). It has all the months with a pocket, so not only can you record everyone's birthday for that month, but I can make the card ahead of time, and tuck it in the pocket! Perfect! Then when I'm out I can pick up a gift card and even stick that in there so I'm prepared for the mail-away cards! So... I thought I'd get a jump start on my Valentine Card! :)
I know everyone these days are pinching pennies... well I know I AM!! One thing I do is SAVE all my scraps. Even scraps I think are useless. When I mat images I try to use those pieces that's I've punched out. check it out below:
Here's a scrap piece of paper that I will use to mat my adorable moose with :) Isn't he cute?!
You'd never know there was a punch-out behind him. If you know you'll use the pieces, punch it out if it's solid and save them!! It's all covered up anyway... it will stretch your paper!!
Then pull out one of my MUST HAVE items... the perfect layers ruler. Even mat EVERY time!And the end result! Finding bits & pieces to use. The next few days you will see cards that are using up scraps -- and it's working! :) I'm getting stuff used up... and getting cards on hand - a win, win! :)
I was thinking of making V'Day cards with my youngest for her class this year. We usually think about it.... procrastinate and then run out & buy the "usual" princess ones.... might try to be prepared this year! :)

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