Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend + Congratulations!

Well the weekend has arrived... along with a windchill of -41 this morning. That temperature hurts the skin. I'm so looking forward to summer!! However, I will enjoy the weekend. I'm even "coaching" my son's hockey team tomorrow night. yes, that will be funny. Guess the coaches are trying to encourage Mom's to come out (I don't see too many other mom's out there!!), so has asked for Mom's to come "coach" (sit on the bench with the boys!!) to generate some female fans! LOL.
I got some stamping done yesterday so over the weekend I'll try to get those uploaded to start showing you. I made the congrats card below for Kim. She had a baby boy - :) yeahhh!! Too funny as she was buying some punches from me and was saying she might want to add to her order, but couldn't think too straight as she was having contractions! WHAT?! Too funny. Shopping for stamping supplies while in labour.... love it!
blessings to you Kim!

Enjoy your weekend!



Kimmer said...

I got the card an hour before reading your post! Thank you so much - its a beautiful card and very thoughtful! And yes...I will go back and finalize my order very soon! :-)

Quilt Nut said...

beautiful Jen!

Amber said...

Beautiful card.