Sunday, January 18, 2009

London Fog

My friend Julie got me HOOKED on these! I've always been a tea-granny :) I remember as a little one having tea with our breakfast before school! Well... this is a whole new cuppa tea! LOL
You can go to Starbucks ask for a London Fog or {uh-hum} an earl grey vanilla misto.... BUT... you can make these beauties right in your own kitchen!
Grab a mug (a nice big one!)
Put an Earl Grey tea bag (some people like two... depends HOW BIG a cup you found!)
Pour some vanilla syrup in there (or a little vanilla & sugar)
boil up the water.... pour over tea bag... about 3/4 full.
grab another mug, pinch of sugar & about 1/3 cup milk, microwave for about 30 sec.
I don't have a fancy steamer... so I do the microwave & then grab a hand whizzer.... (not the correct term, I'm guessing!) It allows you to foam up your milk... lovely!
pour that over your tea.... enjoy!


kellycats said...

I LOVE these as well. Thanks for the home recipe. time you go to Starbucks try this....a chai tea misto with cinnamon dolce. Amazing. So yummy. Let me know if you try it!

Nancy said...

Just a heads up if you go to Starbucks... if you order a London Fog now, you'll be getting their more expensive Latte version of it (the tea bag has a broader leaf in it)... and it tastes a little different.

Being a non-fat-sugar-free-vanilla-earl-grey-tea-misto girl, I have tried a few new things...

*non-fat-sugar-free-vanilla-rooibos tea (one of their new drinks... it is SO awesome!)

And as Kelly mentioned, the cinnamon dolce in the chai tea misto is yummy too!

kellycats said...

Also, try their Apple Chai tea infusion. Sweet just like Mulled Apple spice but truly yummy.