Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Are you one to make New Years Resolutions? In years past, hubby & I have sat and written down "hopes" for the coming year. Things we hope to better ourselves in, a few adventures to try.... then we seal it in an envelope & open the following year. The funny thing about this is, we usually lose the envelopes and have no idea if we accomplished those items. Guess at the top of my list ought to be ORGANIZATION! You would think with the amount of times we've moved in our marriage {14yrs + 13 moves!!}, I'd be organized!! I have a goal for the first part of this year... it'll take a few months, but I want to go through all the boxes, and ... the big one -- go through my stamping/scrapbooking items and pair it down to half {gasp!}.... Not sure if that's possible, but... need to try. All those half started projects, those items I bought for a reason which now escapes me, magazines & books that are ready to inspire someone else.... it's time! Guess it's early Spring Cleaning! So stay tuned for some good deals -- I'll post on my blog here before heading to ebay. The snow & cold will be here for another number of months {sigh} so it's the perfect time. Hubby & I are working towards an extremely exciting {and I'll admit scary for me!!} goal this fall and we'll need to be organized. Hope to let you know details on that one day.This week I hope to get the kids to write up their thank-you cards to send to Aunts & Uncles, Grandparents & friends for the gifts they received this year. They were spoiled!! The Wii was a hit (videoed them SCREAMING in excitement! Very cute!! when they opened it). So, even though it's freezing outside they've been playing baseball, golf, tennis.... LOL. I know you've seen this image a lot... I thought it was perfect for our thank-you cards! Need to get creating again soon. Hope to have a day this week to play & stamp.... stay tuned.
Happy New Year!!

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Deanna K said...

HI Jennifer good luck on organizing and down sizing. I am in the process of downsizing also. I have gone from 3 huge bins of scrapbooking stuff and piles and piles of paper to 1 small bin and half the paper.Yesterday I finished a project I hd to have over a year ago! Not sure what i will do with it but its completed. Anyways good luck and it really does feel good to downsize. I still have a ways to go. My goal is to be able to go buy scrapbooking items to match my pictures at the time I am ready to scrapbook them.