Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Day 18, 19 and 20

What would I do without GOOGLE! HA. Was able to fix the glitch with photoshop by googling the issue and then following step-by-step. Whew. So... playing a little catch up:
Here's Day 18.
Super simple!!
I saw Joshua looking out the window on the landing and seeing the digger hard at work removing the snow hills left by the grader. Awww... poor guy. He had been playing that week on those hills, carving out "slides" and jumps. He was sad as he watched them destroy his hills.
Day 19
Here I cut and used an old trading card photo page. It worked perfect! It was the day Grandma & Grandpa arrived. I loved all the little pockets I cut fill with design paper & photos.
Day 20
I thought I would journal a sporadic idea I had on another day that was too cold to go out and play. Grandma & Grandpa were not used to those -35 days! Neither were we!! We played tons of games, but the kids were getting a little antsy! So I went upstairs and grabbed a little gift, and wrapped it. Put it in a bigger box and wrapped again... and yes, I did this a few times :) I brought it downstairs and told the kids we were going to play a game. They had to roll a one... then they had three SECONDS to start unwrapping ... then they would start taking turns and whoever rolled a one was allowed to unwrap for another 3 seconds. Wow... did they ever have fun!!
On the back, I journalled the 'event' :)
Few more pages to show you (a couple more to do) and then I'm done with this project! :) Then I'll have to play with some of my new Christmas toys!!

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