Saturday, January 17, 2009


How do you fix a whoops! You drop the stamp before it's made a full impression... or what I usually do... smear the ink before it's dry! argh!! (Stampin' Up! classic pads are amazing if you're like me... they dry in an INSTANT!!) -- but, I don't like their black ink, so...I still sometimes spear. I made this card using the nestibilites... love doing these! I think they're a great size for making little V'day cards!! Anyway... I smeared the 'y' in You'll..... Didn't feel like throwing it out and starting again... so I tried to make it "part" of the card. Unfortunately there's no "ink eraser" out there. If you're coloring with Copic Markers, there is something called the "blender pen" that will allow you to "push" the color back into the coloring area. Sweet! Simply wait for the ink to COMPLETELY dry and then, starting away from the mistake, press your marker down... the ink will saturate the paper and as it hits the "color" it will push it away. very cool. I tried doing this with the black ink (Brilliance Graphite Black)... no luck. So I took a Grey Copic marker and highlighted a few of the letters... I think took my pink stamp pad and dragged it across the edges... thought if I "grunged" the whole card up it might "work" ??

yeah? no? :) Even managed to split the heart eyelet -- that's when I know it's time to STOP! LOL.

Hope you're relaxing & getting refreshed this weekend! blessings,


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Quilt Nut said...

it looks good Jen, like a small shadow. very cute card