Thursday, January 08, 2009

Homemade delish-ious-ness!

I'm on the hunt for a fabulous homemade granola bar recipe. Well, I have one that we all love, but it contains peanut butter so the kids can't take them to school. I really hate buying the premade "granola" bars which are more like a sugar saturated chocolate bar (YES... I'm one of THOSE Moms! LOL!!) Well, I stumbled across THIS granola bar today while blurfing (that term always makes me smile... blurf. ha) Anyway... I made a few adjustments (took out the peanuts obviously and used chopped up almonds instead)... also added pumpkin seeds (yum, yum)... for the dried fruit I used raisins, craisins & dried apricots. I also have dried cherries, but they were frozen... so I thought a dried cherry and white chocolate DRIZZLE, would be yummy.
Let me know if you try these beauties.... They are so good!
enjoy your day,

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Janene said...

Do you have the recipe to your "new and improved" granola recipe? I would love to make it. Thanks