Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Day 21 & 22

When Sarah came home and put her gingerbread men on the fridge, I knew I HAD to incorporate it into a page somehow. I figure our gingerbread house building would be the perfect time. I was able to slip in a bell on a previous page that Joshua had made so I was happy to get a little something from Sarah on here. The page has a bit of an "old" feel to it and I was happy how it all turned out. It really felt "scrappy" to me :) Which was perfect. Even used my new punch on the bottom of the main photo!
Day 22
I used an envelope here. I still need the kids to write for the first envelope, but I thought I'd have them say maybe 3 things they loved this year and 3 things they hope happen in the coming year. Things they'd like to do, see, learn.... I think that would be very interesting! :) And fun to look back on & read.
This day was our Christmas Eve. Grandma had brought some special reindeer food (I put the little package {emptied} in the envelope) and the kids sprinkled it outside before going for a very chilly walk.
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