Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Start Clean.

I thought today would be a big stamp day. Kids at school, hubby at work, a day off from the gym.... but the messy space... ack! When I stamp, I need order. OH YES, my place is a complete disaster by the time I'm done (and even during the process), but I have to start clean. I cannot be the *only* one?!! Anyone? BEFORE, when I had a stamp room, it was fine to quickly tidy up and get at it. NOW, I'm in the kitchen (open concept) so for some reason there is stuff everywhere. Drives me insane! Stacks of stuff I'm selling, stuff boxed up for post office drop-off, kids textbooks (why are they here & not at school?? HMMM??).... so I thought I'd tackle it and get it cleaned up so I could stamp. HA. It's starting to look better.... but I think I should move all my for sale stuff upstairs so it's not all staring at me! And how does one incorporate ROCKBAND into the living room furnishings.... ?? Oh the joys of a small space! Going from 4700 sq.ft to ... MAYBE 1300?? Challenging. BUT... must say I rather cosy & close that lost & spacious. Just need to get rid of stuff so I'm not feeling cluttered and crammed. SO... if you haven't gotten anything of my sale list, drop me an email and I'll email you an updated list so you can take advantage of a few deals! I've got everything from colored wire (have you seen those adorable handmade coat hangers on cards?), paper clay, punches, vellum tags, colored vellum, idea books and of course STAMPS! ;)

So today I am looking for inspiration. I've been very tired lately... so now I need to get my creative juices flowing.... what is inspiring you these days? I found these blogs with card sketches.... might give them a try. Check them out:


K -- off to do 15 more minutes of cleanup (anyone else here a FLYlady?) and then I will hopefully have an hour & half to stamp before picking up the kids from school & in the middle of the afternoon rush! :)


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dasimonds said...

Sounds like my day...lol
I always need to pick up
the clutter before I can
begin to stamp too! TFS
*Have a Great day!