Monday, January 19, 2009

Dropping a line?

My oldest loves to get mail! Every day after school she'll ask if I've gotten the mail yet... and if I say yes... the very next question? "Was there anything for me?" :) With moving so much, Megan has made friends and has a pile of pen pals. Honestly, she writes them MUCH more than they write her. All of them are on the computer so want to do email or facebook or MSN. I will let Megan email, but that is IT! If she wants to talk to her friends, PICK UP THE PHONE! Plus, facebook you have to be 18 years old.... not sure how all these little ones are getting on there. *sigh* I still laugh when I think when I was growing up... no computers... we actually played! Anyway - I thought I'd make megan a card for her stash to mail out to her friends. She had picked out this stamp set from Clear Stamps on one of our visits to a stamp store in the Okanagan this past summer. Cute little set - and only a couple bucks! :)

She loved the fact that I used google-eyes! :)

New week is here -- hope it's a good one!


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