Sunday, October 19, 2008

Enjoying Sunday.

No early post for me today -- wow, the day got away from me. We had a great day. Went to church in the sunshine, came home for Daddy's special Mennonite pancakes for lunch & then for a family walk. We were gone most of the afternoon! Stopped at the store for some candy treats, met new friends along the way, played at two parks... a great afternoon! Hope for some dinner & a family game of Dutch Blitz! Ahhhh.... now the munchkinz are all tucked in, lunches for tomorrow are almost done & it's soon time to sit and watch The Amazing Race. I love good days! and this.... was one!!

A funny photo of the kids all digging in to the turkey leg last Sunday at our Thanksgiving feast! LOL, love how Megan is grabbing at Joshua's head and Sarah is just diving in from underneath! Hope you made some special moments today --


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Quilt Nut said...

sounds like a great day. we are big dutch blitz fans here too