Thursday, October 30, 2008

Teacher Gift Ideas

Ok... I have been looking all over to compile a list of teacher gift ideas. Christmas is coming and so wouldn't it be nice to be ready AHEAD of time?! So.... get ready... here's the list. OH, and if you're a teacher, leave a comment & vote on what your fav is!! :)

  1. A note from the heart. Have your child write a note of thanks to their teacher. Let them use their own words. perhaps even a poem.

  2. A class gift. Get all the kids involved and make a mini scrapbook - designate a page for each student that he/she can decorate & scrapbook a picture of either themself or a favorite memory from that year. A simple frame that can hold a photo of each child.

  3. Classroom supplies. We know teachers put out a lot of their own pocket money here. Create a unique package to hold colorful paperclips, cool pencils, post-it notes, jiffy markers, stickers...

  4. Something personal. Find out if your teacher has a special collection that you could add to, a favorite hobby or craft that you could find a gift in.

  5. Pamper. Collect money from all the kids in the class and purchase a day at a spa or a manicure/pedicure. Parents will be glad they are not out hunting for a gift and the teacher might be thrilled not to have 25 bottles of bubble bath!

  6. Repackage. Find a cute jar and fill it with Starbuck Coffee beans, popcorn kernels or jellybeans! Decorate it with a cute tag of thanks.

  7. Movie Night. Get some jiffypop, licorice, chocolate & a couple passes at the movie theater or free rentals at a local video store.

  8. YOUR IDEA???? :)))

enjoy your day,



kellycats said...

Great ideas Jen. Last year, I bought Addy's preschool teacher a hot chocolate ice cream cone. I have attached directions on how to make them, if anyone is interested. I had never seen them before and they were VERY cute. The teacher loved it. A perfect winter gift. Ours had hot chocolate as the 1st layer, then hershey's kisses as the 2nd layer and it was topped off with marshmallows.

This year, I have decided I am going to make a 1/2 dozen cards for her and put them in a handmade card box. They will all have different sentiments on them. Should be fun!

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