Wednesday, October 08, 2008

pink and red chickens.

My sister-in-law's birthday today -- Happy Birthday Brenda!!! :) No, this isn't the card I sent here.... although I could (she's older than me {LOL}). I'm so loving these chickens -- PennyBlack has some great sets. I got these from but add shipping & then duty for living in Canada and it adds up! So tempted to do it again though -- perhaps a Christmas gift to myself! But, you can at least check out alllll the stamps there. I know not everyone is cutesy like me, but I do love to color & these little guys are so fun! I love Stampin' Up!'s craft keepers to organize all my cards. I have finished cards everywhere so this week I want to get them organized. I just ordered another one so that will help. I organize card & photos in there and it doesn't look half bad on my shelf unit (that now has to sit in the living room). I'm on the hunt now though for a smallish storage system for the kitchen. This seems to be my stamping area, and all the mess all over the floor is not working for this "clean freak!". So if you have a small little unit that you think I may like, send me a link so I can have a peek. It has to look good too.... functional & stylish... hmmm... is it possible?! We head to Edmonton for a trip with the kids so I might just be in luck!

enjoy your day!

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