Friday, October 10, 2008

Hello Friday.

Don'tcha just luuuve fridays! Means the weekend has arrived and rest is on its way. Ok... not really. Means some family time is here and I love that! I don't have to think about the laundry, or messy rooms.... we enjoy some R&R - love it.
Ok. I'm sure you thinking ENOUGH already with this stamp image Ipromise to lay off it for awhile! But I thought I'd attempt a more masculine version of the card. I'm happy with the results. It's base is Real Red. Yes, another snippet of the Karen Foster Designer paper. I pulled out my sewing machine & did some rough stitching along the edge... didn't want anything perfect looking so my old, skip-a-stitch machine was perfect for this job! LOL. Use it up FRIDAY!! HA. Do you hoard? Man, I do! I pulled out some star eyelets and USED THEM! There's a challenge for you this weekend if you're stamping... use something you're saving... USE IT! ... then of course tell me about it :) What do you save? I still have Stampin' Up! confetti tan cardstock. LOVE it... and yes, I do use it - sparingly. I was so sad when they retired that a few years ago.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you. I'm excited with some new cards to share with you next week! Finally been keeping up with my blog again. :) You might even see a Christmas card? That is if *I* get some stamping time this weekend.

Thanks for your comments & questions. Kinda lonely up here so it's nice to hear from you!

enjoy your day,


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